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Being the smallest state in Malaysia, it doesn’t mean that Perlis is an uninteresting state. Perlis is situated very near to the border between Malaysia and Thailand and thus, it possesses a certain extent of influence from the Thais. However, although small, Perlis still plays an extremely important part in Malaysia, especially for its ports and tourist attractions. Kangar is the capital city of Perlis and it is located by the Perlis River. This capital city is the smallest capital city in Malaysia and the residents here are mostly farmers and civil servants.

In Perlis, it is expected to see various local activities evolving around the agriculture industry. Thus, this state is specially recommended for tourists who are interested with the exploration of Malaysia’s Mother Nature. The state economies that drive Perlis include the utilization of its local plantations such as rice, herbs, sugar, and fruits.

There are also various tourist attractions for tourists to stop by while they explore more of Perlis’s local agriculture activities. These local attractions include Kuala Perlis, which is well-known for its delicious seafood dishes. There is also the Padang Besar, in which shopping-lovers can spend a whole lot of time here shopping for souvenirs and goods both from Malaysia and Thailand. Most of these goods are handmade products and thus, they definitely can make good souvenirs to serve as your memory for visiting Perlis.

In Perlis, various budget hotels are available for tourists. Although these hotels are not as expensive as the hotels you can find in the big cities, it is guaranteed that the hotels will definitely provide tourists with everything they need. Besides, due to the size of the state, it is also very convenient for tourists to explore around the state without the hassle of looking for transports.

Perlis Hotels

T Hotel Kuala Perlis

One of the best known budget hotels in Kuala Perlis. Positioned as a boutique hotel, the hotel provides a comfortable stay with its unique ambience and internal designs which is slightly different than the type of atmosphere guests will find in the other hotels in the city.

Putra Palace Hotel Kangar

Offers a huge range of room options to choose from. The hotel works with the promise to provide guests with a comfortable stay.
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