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Labuan is one of the places tourists must go when they visit Sabah. Comprising of six small islands, Labuan is an ideal place for tourists to have a good time relaxing themselves while getting away from their usual hectic lifestyle. Labuan is located off the coast of Sabah and it is ideal for tourists who are looking for some wonderful underwater experiences.

There are a huge range of things one can do in Labuan. The place is exactly a heaven-like traveling destination for tourists who love the sea and the beaches. Labuan has many nice beaches such as the Batu Manikar Beach, the Layang-Layangan Beach, and also the Pancur Hitam Beach. If tourists are interested with the historical sites in Sabah, there are also various historical sites in Labuan such as the Water Village, the Mystery Chimney, and the Labuan Museum in which guests are free to explore. Tourists can also get to taste various local foods such as the Punjung, lamban, jelurut, and tapai. All these foods are prepared with the most traditional way by the locals so that guests can get to taste the food original taste of the food locally. As for accommodation, there are also many hotels for tourists to choose from base on their own preferences and needs. All of these hotels are tailored to meet tourist’s expectations and of course, to ensure convenience for tourists when they travel around Labuan.

There are various ways for guests to move around Labuan. Tourists can choose to travel by air in which the Labuan airport is located very near to the different accommodations. Or tourists can also choose to travel by sea in which the Labuan International Ferry Terminal is a very convenient transport for guests to reach Labuan. Lastly, tourists can also rent a taxi to help them travel around with ease.

Labuan Hotels

Tiara Labuan Hotel

Providing business-class standards for its guests, Cititell Mid Valley is a very convenient accommodation specially recommended for not only leisure travelers but also business travelers who are in the big city for both leisure and business purposes.

Palm Beach Resort & Spa

The 4-stars rated Boulevard Hotel Mid Valley provides 390 rooms with different design to suit their guests. Boulevard Hotel Mid Valley is situated in Mid Valley area.
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